Real Artisan Bread

Continuing with shooting with some local food and drink producers, I recently spent a day with Geoff at Real Artisan Bread based in Westbury. Geoff makes a fantastic range of breads for local markets, cafes and restaurants. He’s a top bloke, welcoming, knowledgable, and really cares about baking good bread. At the end of my day shooting him and some of the processes which go into producing his artisan baked goods he sent me home with 3 loaves, and they tasted every bit as good as they looked and smelt coming out of the oven. 

Wharf Distillery

I’ve been working a little with some local food and drink producers near me, and had the pleasure of spending a day with the lovely folk at Wharf Distillery during the production of the first main batch of gin. They also make their own cider, brandy, vinegars, whisky and lots more, and have a farm shop selling many locally produced food and drink. They couldn’t have been more welcoming, and their knowledge, enthusiasm and attention to detail was fantastic. It’s not often you get to try a 70% proof cider brandy before lunch, and despite the tasting I still managed to take a few shots of various processes that go into distilling, ageing, and bottling their own spirits. 

Guardswell Farm, The Pendicle.

In September last year I spent a few days staying in the Pendicle, at Guardswell Farm in Pershire, Scotland. What a great place. The interior of the hut was beautifully done, simple, cosy, and with everything you could need. A walk up the hillside at sunrise was worth the soggy feet. Here’s a few shots from our stay, all shot on film using a Canon 1n, Rolleiflex 2.8f, and Makina 67.


In March of this year I spent a lazy few days in Lanzarote. Despite hardly leaving our villa I shot quite a few rolls of film whilst there, both 35mm and medium format. Most was shot using expired slide film, so the results were unpredictable but seem to capture the harshness of light and saturated colours nicely. I ended up with loads of shots i liked but here’s a selection.

Lee Musselwhite

These are from earlier this year when I took a trip back to Devon to visit my parents and meet up with some old friends. This is flatland BMX rider, Torbay celebrity and general all round top bloke Lee Musselwhite. I used to shoot photos of Lee when I was just learning how to use a camera, and my first ever published photo was a full page ad of him in Ride magazine over 10 years ago. It was great to see him again, he makes it easy to get good shots.

Lumsdale Glass

A few weeks back I spent a day with Jonathan Abbott aka Ponners aka Lumsdale Glass, near Matlock in Derbyshire, learning and photographing some of the processes involved in glass blowing. I had such a great day, the skill involved is incredible.

DIY negatives

With the recent announcement that Fuji will be discontinuing the production of FP-100C instant film, i’ve started revisiting some old shots taken with a polaroid 600SE. This peel apart film gives you a near instant positive print, which i often end up giving away to whoever i’m photographing. Through a process of bleaching you can salvage a negative from the backing which is often thrown away. Here are a few negatives which i’ve made and scanned in this week.

Using Format