Expired Film

On one of my first assisting jobs, around 12 years ago, the photographer I was working with gave me a shoe box full of 120 film, much of which had already expired. Digital photography had taken over commercially so they weren’t going to find a use for the film. I recently found a couple of rolls of Kodak PXP 125 iso black and white film from that box which had expired in the 90’s and i’d never used, so decided to test it out around the fishermen’s huts in Hastings on a bleak Autumn afternoon. These are the results. Shot on Rollieflex 2.8f.


I’ve had a chance to get out and shoot some more skateboarding over the last week, making the most of the unseasonably good weather. I have an new / updated website in progress dedicated to my skate and travel work. Details will follow.

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